Hey, we are FLO!


FLO is about flowers.

FLO was born in 2020 with the desire to flower your home, every day and on every occasion.

With a strong concept of sustainability and circularity, at FLO we have our own production, an organic production from where our flowers come out for all our bouquets and events.
All the surplus flowers from the field are dried and we collect seeds for our winter products.
Nothing goes to waste.

We are Madalena and Duarte, body and soul of this project.
And we hope you like everything we have prepared for you.


Flower Life Oriented. We wanted to create a brand that maximizes flower in every stage of its life.

FLO fosters circular economy, with every product having its purpose.

FLO is more than seeds, fresh flowers or dried flowers.

FLO is about the conjugation of all its products that will create a truly SEED TO WEED concept.


Madalena started FLO. in September 2020 and is the creative mind behind the brand.
It is responsible for all new products, for the content of our social media and for all the decorations we make.

Duarte is responsible for the field and for having the most beautiful flowers on the market.
it is he who takes care of our plants every day, sows’ new varieties and reaps everything for your bouquets.



We believe that the world deserves to be more flowery and in a more sustainable way.

We have our own flower production, in Mafra, a production of organic floriculture and where we apply soil regeneration techniques.

because we have to take care of nature, so that we can bloom.

FLO values brand sustainability, meaning eco-friendly products, organic seeds from a certified producer, and compostable and recycled packaging.

We believe in products that do not end up in the landfill. Our items complement each other in every stage of flower's life.

At FLO we believe in sustainable products that don't end up in the trash.

In addition to being a project with a strong sustainability component,
it is also a circular project